Charlotte loves to dance more than anything. She started dancing at age 4 and trains in all styles of dance. Her favorites are hip hop, contemporary, and ballet. She really enjoys telling stories through dance. She loves to perform and has also worked recently in film, music videos, as a model, and won two Solo Titles in dance in 2019. 
Alissa is a competitive dancer, model and influencer. Outside of dance she enjoys sewing and making different flavors of pancakes. As a Chinese immersion student at her school, she fluently speaks Chinese! Alissa is a friend to everyone and enjoys serving her community. 
Bella, also known as Bella The Tapper is a dancer from New Jersey who specializes in tap dance. She began her training at age 2.  She toured with Revel Dance Convention as a Pro Reveler assistant in their 18/19 tour and will be touring again in their 20/21 tour.

Laila has been dancing for 6 years now. She is from Florida. Her favorite things to do is dance, and play with her dogs, cat, and bunny. 


When not dancing, Kali is a level 8 gymnast, model, and actress that can be seen most recently in the latest season of American Ninja Warrior Jr (wearing her custom Sugar Lulu ninja gear). Kali has been a Sugar Lulu Girl for the past year and absolutely can't wait to continue supporting this amazing brand.

Taylor-Lily loves to dance! She trains in many styles of dance, but her favorites are jazz, musical theatre, lyrical and acro. She loves animals and loves that SugarLuLu loves animals, too! She loves all the cute, fun SugarLuLu styles!
Kaiya has been dancing and taking gymnastics since the age of 2. Her favorite styles are hip hop, acro, and musical theater. She loves making TikToks and choreographing her own dances when she’s not in the studio. 
Bailey is a dancer who believes her passion will take her to extraordinary places. With her family, she has traveled to seven Asian countries, and four European Countries. Aside from dancing, she loves photography and art. 

Aina is the youngest of 6 and she’s also biracial black/white and half Norwegian. She’s been doing dance, Power Tumbling and all star cheer. Currently she is a flyer on a Jr4 team. She loves to paint and do crafts and design. She wants to make the world a better place by not littering, by being kind and fighting against bullying and racism.

Clara is a competitive dancer from Colorado. She began dancing at the age of 2 and her favorite styles are hip hop, jazz and tap! Clara loves to be with her friends and is also a gamer! She loves to create choreography, sing, cook and draw!
Leona trains in all styles of dance but her favorites would definitely be ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop! She’s been a competitive dancer with her studio for 3 years and she is also a member of a hip hop crew, the Shortcakes Dance Crew. She also trains in gymnastics and pilates too.
Jayleigh a competitive dancer, school cheerleader and dancewear model. She has been dancing and performing, since she was 3 years old and dancing competitively since she was 6 years old. She loves all styles of dance, but lately her faves have been jazz funk, contemporary and hip hop. 

Isabelle loves dancing, modeling, and making TikToks! She also loves to draw and use her creativity to make neat projects! She can be sweet but she has tons of sass! Isabelle says that SugarLulu outfits are super stylish and really comfortable to dance in or just to wear around town!

Hannah is a Competitive dancer, influencer, and model from Colorado. She has been dancing since the age of 3 and her favorite styles are Ballet and Lyrical. Hannah trains 20 plus hours a week at her studio and performing arts school. Hannah spent her past summer traveling to California for model shoots, her favorite with Sugarlulu13 and Jordan Matter! 
Skylie is a dancer/model who loves fashion! Her favorite style of dance is Hip Hop. She has been a Sugarlulu Model Squad girl for almost 2 years.  She is currently represented by MTA and you might have seen her on Disney, in the Pomsies Lumsies Toy commercial. 
Kambry has been dancing since she was 4 and just recently started cheer. She loves SugarLulu because of all their fun clothing styles. Kambry says SugarLulu always supports their SugarLulu girls and she loves being a part of the SugarLulu family.
Meet ZOE
Zoe Alexandra has been dancing since the age of 3. She takes all styles of dance but her favorite is Jazz and Lyrical. She hopes to one day own her own studio to share her love of dance with others. She also loves martial arts and she is a 2nd degree black in Tae Kwon Do. 
Sarah was a cast member on Season 8 of Dance Moms and most recently featured on an episode of Dispatches from Elsewhere.  She is a Pro Reveler assistant with Revel Dance Convention and a current member of the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Sarah trains in dance, acting, singing and modeling.  
Isabella is a dancer and model. She has been dancing for 7 years and 4 of those years competitively. She has been modeling for various companies for 2 years. She currently trains in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and ACRO. Her favorite style being contemporary. In her spare time she loves hanging with her friends and going to the beach.
Michela has been dancing since the age of four. Her biggest dream is to perform on Broadway!!  The only things she loves more than dancing are reading, hanging out with friends, and her super comfy SugarLulu sets.
Lexia is a professional model & actress. She is also a competitive tennis player and straight A student.  Lexia can be seen in magazines, and in ads for Lester’s, Denny’s & Little Miss Tennis to name a few.